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Burmese in Thailand"

Thailand and Myanmar have a shared history since the past to the present. That is to say, Burmese living in Thailand, A hundreds thousands of people, Some people come to labor by illegally, Some, Escape from civil war for colonize, Some came because have to same religion. We can not deny, That there are many of Burmese people in Thailand. If Ever since the establishment of diplomatic relations then. The relationship just a few decades ago, may not be a measure of the ties between the two countries that have for so long. But if you look at the equality and equal. The disparity between the Burmese and Thai people in Thailand are still the very existence, Probably because of the past history of the two countries are rarely beautiful. Anyway, This Photo essay want to presents some aspects, That can coexist and interact in a consistent living on the same land.

Consolation prize from national geographic Thailand photography contest 2013

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